Tennil Reed
OPEX North Scottsdale client

Tennil Reed

I came to OPEX because a good friend of mine Ashley McBride couldn’t stop talking about how great it was, and I wanted to train with her because we had been training partners since we both began CrossFit. Once I met with my Coach Mike Lee and learned more about OPEX, I could see that it could take my training to the next level. My goal has always been to compete in the CrossFit games. Since starting with OPEX, I have increased all my lifts, became more skilled with my gymnastics, and an overall more confident athlete. Last year I placed 9th at Regionals so I am looking to break into the top and head to the Games. I’ve placed well in all the major competition leading up to the Open this year so I am confident in what I have to bring to the table

While my ultimate goal is to make it to the CrossFit games, right now I am working specifically on certain skills like double unders, hspus, grip endurance, and efficiency with the barbell. These little things will help me make my ultimate goal.

My coach Mike is always telling me, “if you want it, you have to go and get it!” It’s almost like a challenge, which works for me because I’m so competitive! I’ve learned again and again, I can only control me and what I can do…. So that’s what I’m going to work on every day.

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