Laura Davidson
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Laura Davidson

Why did I start training with OPEX? Well, I selected OPEX because I needed help. My blood sugar was up, my blood pressure was up, my knees constantly hurt and one swelled every day, my belly fat was out of control, plain and simple I needed help. I could not do what needed to be done on my own. I had been working out hard for months with no results. I had lost a few inches but no weight. Being 52 and premenopausal presents lots of challenges. I wasn’t sleeping and my weight was climbing. I knew if I continued I would face an aging process that was certain to involve High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and two knee replacements. I was tired of feeling sluggish and getting nowhere. Something had to change. I needed to call in the big gun, Sean McGovern and OPEX.

When I first started with OPEX my initial goal was to lose weight and to avoid a fifth knee surgery on my right knee. It never healed from the last surgery in 2012. I have been overweight for years, yo-yo’d and suffered through injuries. I want to get to level healthy ground. Since started with OPEX, I have seen amazing results. I am stronger that I have been in years. If I had to guess, I have gained about 15lbs of muscle in just 103 workouts! I am up to 45lbs on my goblet carry, I started at 15lbs. I literally could not do anything with my knees, RDL, Roman Step Up in the beginning. Sean really had to start me out slowly on all accounts. He would know best as to where I stared to where I am now from a trainer’s perspective. In my opinion, I am light years from day one! My knees no longer hurt all the time, and the right knee is no longer swollen all the time. If I have trouble, ice and ibuprofen do the job. This is honestly a miracle as I was getting ready to have surgery to strip the scar tissue. I was lucky to have 6,000 steps a day now my daily goal is 15,000. I have lost 4.5 inches in my hips and 5.o inches across my belly. I am down 9 pounds over all. Of course being down 9lbs does not account for the fact that I know I have gained muscle.

Back in 2008 I had injured my glute very badly. I had not warmed up properly for a cold morning run and in mid sprint I suffered a tear in my glute and piriformis. Excruciating pain. It was a constant issue from that point on. The best way to describe what had happened to me is that my glutes literally slid down the back of my legs and suffered (both sides) complete atrophy. I told Sean about the injury, as I had done with all my injuries and he worked out a plan for me to re-activate my glutes, to get my hamstrings and quads where they needed to be, to open up my hips, and to improve my strength. I can know actively squeeze my glutes and can feel and see the incredible results. My strength can now come properly from this area and my hips. Baby got back is all I can say!

Also, I learned awareness- Did you know that the average person needs 60 grams of protein by lunch? Just for basic digestive and brain function. I did not know this. Sean taught me. Did you know that if you hit a spell where soreness is an issue increase your carbs a bit but if you have a spell where fatigue is an issue increase your fats a little bit. I did not know this, Sean taught me. Hydration, sleep, less stress and eating clean are all topics I think about and actively pursue every day. I preplan my meals the day before, set my work out clothes out the night before and review my work out before bed. All new habits that I learned through this process. With Sean’s’ guidance I have worked out through smashing and injuring my right big toe, through the holidays and through a bad cold.

My current goal is to lose 40 pounds by my 53rd birthday, 9/24/16. This will get me out of the obsess category, back to a weight that both my doctor and I thing would be healthy. If Sean and I feel this target needs to be modified we can do that. I just need to be prepared for the aging process and extra weight is not going to help.

I want to get rid of my belly fat. It is nasty and gets in the way! I want to get to a point where I am at my normal percentage of body fat and weight. All of these goals will add years to my life and give me a quality, active life!

When I just had a gym membership it was easy to say I was too tired, or too busy and then blow it off. Having Sean, knowing that he puts the time in to give me my weekly workouts motivates me to be there, give my all, and do it every day. He has taught me really how to fish instead of giving me fish. I won’t have him forever but while I do I learn every day. He responds to my FITBOT questions within an hour or two. He provide videos for me so that my form is spot on and if I still have questions he breaks it down further so that someone of my skill level can understand.

The biggest thing I have learned during this process is I can, I am, and I will do this. But I need help. My work outs, especially this week have been killer but I managed to get through them and further more really do my best. Scary and hard as this process can be, I have to do it. Looking forward to the next four months and the results. Can’t wait to see what September brings!

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