Emily Cooper
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Emily Cooper

Prior coming to OPEX I was working out on my own and programming for myself. I was a student athlete in college and always loved the strength and conditioning aspect of being an athlete. I loved the community and environment of being in a weight room.  After college I moved out to Arizona for work and found myself missing that community and lifestyle of being an athlete. I also wanted to get better at olympic weightlifting and knew I needed a coach that would put together a program that was built for me. After a bit of research I found OPEX and knew immediately this was where I wanted to be. 
There are actually a couple accomplishments I am proud of over the past 6 months. The first one that comes to mind is I finally got my ring muscle ups down and I can now string them together in a set piece! I am also very proud of how far along my olympic lifts are coming. I have been dialing in my technique on my snatch and clean and jerk, and am very happy with my progress. They are far from perfect, but I love the challenge and work you have to put into them. 
Some goals I have for the upcoming year are I would really love to get my handstand walk and string butterfly pull ups together. Also want to get more comfortable with hitting heavier weights consistently and ramping up my aerobic engine.
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