Christine Fenton
OPEX North Scottsdale client

Christine Fenton

I have been an online client with Matt Springer for almost a year already! I started with OPEX because as a competitive CrossFit athlete I have had a deep desire to qualify for the CrossFit Games. As years went by and working out 5 days a week at my local CrossFit box I realized that even though I was happy with my physical ability there were a lot of areas that I needed improvement on and being in a community affiliate they were unable to focus solely on my personal weaknesses. Thats when I began searching for online coaching.

Matt had to start with me as a client recovering from injury and he worked very well alongside my PT the whole time up until now where I am able to workout without restrictions. Having Matt as my coach has given me a greater realization of the dedication and commitment that is required of me to gradually obtain the level of fitness I need, to be that elite athlete that I have so longed for!

I recently came to Scottsdale to meet the man himself and get one on one training in which I was completely impressed. His ability to help me execute proper technique and give me small but yet big tips on utilizing time and effort for each workout was valuable.

And I tried my best to encourage him to move to my hometown but I would have to live in the Cayman Islands first! He has empowered me by helping me understand that I need to start from the basics and gradually move forward to improve my technique and gave me a path to improve my nutrition. The biggest thing I would say that I learned about myself it how empowering “mental strength” is. I have always been able to really push myself hard through workouts but Matt has brought me to a higher level, becoming more efficient and striving to become a well-rounded athlete. This is definitely about commitment, dedication and the will to always overcome obstacles, move forward and become all that I am meant to be.

I like the path that OPEX is on and believe in what their purpose for fitness is about. I would recommend Matt to anyone, he has a promising future ahead of him

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