Antonette Dehaney
OPEX North Scottsdale client

Antonette Dehaney

I had been trying and failing at CrossFit for two years. I heard about OPEX from a few folks at my box. Curiosity brought me to the web site. After a consultation with the Training Coordinator, I select Michael Bann as my coach because I knew he would be the right fit after reading his bio.

My goal was to figure out why I kept getting injured and get healthier.

With Michael Bann’s help, I definitely achieved both of the above. I’m not married to the idea of an ideal body image. I’ve realized that depending on my lifestyle, the external and internal, my body will react or change accordingly. I can’t keep up, so I’ve let that go.

My goal right now is to continue to get stronger. I would love to do ten plus pull ups and make it look easy. I will not bore you with the others. Overall it’s to stay healthy, move injury free and without pain.

Michael has allowed me to be myself, 100%. I admire his thirst for knowledge and the willingness to share that with others. There’s no drama, everything is what it is. I’m rarely speechless and he’s rendered me speechless on a few occasions by asking thought provoking questions. He’s recognized my true values and how they align with life, work and the gym.

I’ve learned that it’s ok to be ok just where I’m at. By Michael accepting me, I’ve accepted myself. The past sixteen months has been a re-education of myself, a re-introduction to myself. I’ve discovered a love for myself that I don’t know ever existed. I choose myself more now, still a work in progress but I know myself so much better and I am no longer afraid to express it.

Sport and fitness has been an important part of my life. I truly believe the skills you learn and develop in this arena are transferable to real life. When I achieve things I once thought impossible that gives me confidence to tackle life outside the gym.

OPEX and Coach Michael Bann has been an integral part of my physical, personal and professional growth. I believe people arrive just when you need them, this just so happens to be the OPEX community

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