Why You Need a Coach
27 Apr

Why You Need a Coach

Why You Need a Coach


As an OPEX license owner and Certified Athletic Trainer turned Coach, this is the question that I feel like I am answering All. The. Time.


I read a blog post by Eve Fatz (http://lotusfitdesign.com/2016822how-do-you-choose-a-coach/) a few years ago when I embarked on this journey that really struck a chord with me. I paraphrase it whenever someone asks me the inevitable question, “Why should I hire a coach.”


“How you choose your fitness professional should be no different than how you would choose any other professional service. Ask yourselves these questions…

  • When looking for a doctor, do you look for the most entertaining guy or gal, or someone that knows medicine better than most others?
  • When choosing a realtor, do you look for someone who knows the market or someone who likes to fix up houses as a hobby?
  • When choosing a financial consultant, do you choose someone who wears a great suit but has very little money in the bank?

When it comes to the most important factors in our daily lives we seek professionals who know their trade better than most others. Yet, when it comes to fitness, most people are taking advice from just about anybody who sets up shop as a trainer.”



I feel that for most people, outside of this profession, the “how” and the “why” are very similar. I have been in the healthcare and fitness industries for a combined total of 18 years now (holy crap, I’m old) and the things that I have learned about the fitness industry in particular are:

  • This industry is CONSTANTLY changing and evolving.   New research is coming out constantly, one study contradicting the previous.   Who knows what to believe anymore?
  • The barrier of entry is EXTREMELY low. New weekend certifications and programs are emerging promising amazing results to their clients. These certifications require NO prerequisite knowledge. No Anatomy 101, Ex. Phys., Nutrition, Biomechanics, etc.
  • The fundamentals never change. Even with all of this new information, human anatomy and physiology has not changed. A cell still functions the same way, movement in the body should still happen the same way, and basic nutrition practices are still key.


So why do I need a Coach again?

Because a good Coach has done all of the hard work for you. They have done the coursework, they have studied the research, they know how to filter out the bullshit and apply the fundamental principles to you and your goals.


A good Coach knows how to meet you where you are. How can you formulate a plan to get somewhere if you don’t know where you are starting? How can someone tell you what to do for a workout if they have never assessed your movement? How can you know if you are making progress if you don’t know where you are starting?

“A good coach to provide a more accurate picture of our reality, to instill positive habits of thinking, and to break our actions down and then help us build them back up again.” – Atul Gawande


A good Coach knows how to balance lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise practices. If you are working with one coach for nutrition, and another one for exercise, how do you know if they are working towards the same goals. How can someone build a nutrition or exercise program if they don’t know what you are doing in the 23 hours you are not with them? Nutrition, lifestyle, and exercise cannot be separated and still expect to see results.


Again, I ask you to read the blog posted above.

If you expect to get professional results and are not hiring a professional coach, the question becomes “Why don’t you need a professional Coach?”


I’ll leave this here as well. https://www.ted.com/talks/atul_gawande_want_to_get_great_at_something_get_a_coach



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