18 Jan


When people ask what we do at OPEX North Scottsdale, we tell them we are professional coaches.  When most people see a fitness facility, gym, personal training studio, or otherwise, they think workouts or personal training sessions.  Here’s why you should consider hiring a COACH:

  • Life: Here’s something the fitness industry doesn’t want me to say… “ WORKING OUT MORE OR HARDER IS NOT ALWAYS THE ANSWER!”  There is a fine line between too much stress and adaptation. Poor sleep, work, relationship, traffic, alcohol, relationships, junk food, all contribute to stress on the body.  A good coach will strive to balance your training with your life outside the gym to achieve optimal results.
  • Accountability: As you are learning new skills and habits both inside and outside of the gym, it is beneficial to have someone hold you accountable.  We track your progress and compliance with training and lifestyle habits through our TrueCoach app.
  • Connection: Yes, a big part of what we do is write programming.  But another big piece is regularly connecting and consulting with our clients (OUTSIDE of their training sessions) to make sure they are involved in every step of the way.  This isn’t a dictatorship, it’s a relationship. Connecting with WHY you are doing what you are doing is the number one factor in long-term success.
  • Challenge: Our coaches aren’t trained to be cheerleaders, they are trained to provide encouragement when you need it or a challenge when you are ready for it.  They will tell you what you need to hear, even when it’s uncomfortable.
  • Experts: You hire a lawyer when you need an expert on the law, a doctor when you need medical advice, an expert mechanic when you need car repairs…. Why should your health and fitness be any different?  OPEX coaches are at the forefront of our industry in movement, lifestyle, training, and nutrition. Our career coaches are committed to ongoing study and practical experience. They are equipped with the knowledge to thoroughly assess our clients and design complete fitness programs, including nourishment and lifestyle.  

An OPEX North Scottsdale Coach will meet you where you’re at and give you what you need to find your fitness.  Your program evolves and progresses as you do. OPEX North Scottsdale is the evolution of personal training. We take personalization to the next level in an environment that teaches you to take ownership of your fitness.

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