What is a COACH?
04 Mar

What is a COACH?

What is a Coach?

If you’ve ever played a sport, chances are you have had some interaction with a coach. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a coach is “an expert who trains someone learning or improving a skill.”

So you may be asking, “Why do I need a coach?  My kids play sports. Not me!”

But you still have goals, whether they are to stay active and have enough energy to be able to play with your kids, or take that trip and hike the Grand Canyon, or look good at the pool in the summer.  All of these require skills. Yes, exercise is involved, but it is a small percentage of the work required to accomplish these goals.  

Exercise is a skill.

I think we can all agree that performing certain movements for exercise is definitely a skill that should be coached.  But what about the art of developing a progressive program around a busy schedule? Enter the coach. Have nagging aches and pains?  In many cases, this can be addressed through proper exercise prescription.  Ever felt like a number in a globo gym or felt worse after group fitness class?  These programs are not designed with you in mind. Our coaches assess your movement and consult with you on the demands of your daily life and design an exercise program, exercise selection, schedule, rest/recovery days tailored for YOU.

Nutrition is a skill.

Nutrition, as we all know, has a huge impact on energy levels, performance, and body composition.  But with all the fads out there, how do you know which one is right for you and your goals. Enter the coach.  Since the coach is already writing your exercise program and scheduling your sessions, they know the demands of your day and how to fuel you.  The coach can also help strategize ways to improve “less than ideal” situations (travel for work, social obligations, etc) to ensure you are making progress.

Life is a skill.

Between busy schedules, work, and family, who has time to plan out their exercise, nutrition, how to improve sleep, when/how to recover? Or answer the questions “what supplements should I be taking, why is my energy crashing at 2PM, why can’t I sleep at night, why am I still not losing weight?”  Enter the coach. It is our job to put all of these pieces together into a manageable, digestible plan just for YOU.

At OPEX North Scottsdale, we are PROFESSIONAL COACHES.  This means this IS our day job. This is not a hobby, this is our craft.  OPEX North Scottsdale coaches are career coaches committed to ongoing study and practical experience. We are equipped with the knowledge to thoroughly assess their clients and design complete fitness programs, to include nourishment and lifestyle.  

Schedule a consultation with one of our professional coaches today, and see the difference a COACH can make in your life. 

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