OPEX vs. Personal Training
04 Feb

OPEX vs. Personal Training

Why do we say that OPEX Gyms are the evolution of personal training?

Traditional personal training is spending the entire workout with one Personal Trainer, one-on-one. Makes sense, right?

Let’s say a member (we will call them Bob), signs up for a 3x/week package with a personal trainer at $90/session, plus $55 per month for use of the gym. You’re looking at about $1100/month. That’s great! Bob will get lots of attention, motivation, and accountability. But after 3 months, do they still need that level of attention? Hopefully, Bob is now stronger, moving well, and more confident and doesn’t need a high level of attention (and price tag) that comes with personal training.

Now let’s look at OPEX. Personal Training EVOLVED.

If Bob were an OPEX North Scottsdale member in the same situation, he would be working out in a small group with other members. A dedicated coach is writing Bob’s programming and communicating with Bob on a daily basis to ensure not only his progress in the gym, but working with him on nutrition, and lifestyle habits to improve his results. Not only does Bob have a dedicated coach, but there is always a coach in the gym when Bob comes to train to dial in his sessions, correct his form, and answer any questions he may have.

 Because of our unique system, you can have the benefits of personal training without the price tag. In this small group environment, members do not need to pay over $1000/month to be coached 3x/week.

 At OPEX North Scottsdale our services also include professional coaching, gym access, nutrition coaching, ongoing assessments, monthly consultations, and long term programming, just to name a few.

 Check out our HOW IT WORKS section to learn more about how we work with our clients

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