Nutrition 101 - Let's Talk Macros
05 Sep

Nutrition 101 - Let's Talk Macros

“If it fits in your macros”, “tracking macros”, and “flexible dieting” are three nutrition buzz words that everyone seems to be talking about nowadays. The constant downpour all over social media that portrays people braggingly posting that they are eating ice cream every night and losing weight. It’s impossible not to think to yourself, “how are they doing this?”. Well let me tell you, it is possible but it’s definitely not the best way to go. Let’s first take a step back and define macros. “Macros” refer to the macronutrients: proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. These macronutrients make up the foods we consume and the total amount of calories we take it. Taking it a step further, while the total amount of calories consumed will lead to weight loss or weight gain, it’s the composition of those calories (macros) that will determine the composition of that weight loss  or weight gain. So, yes, the ice cream diet could produce weight loss, but it will not produce a great physique. 
Before you start tracking your macros you should already know the answers to the following questions. 
1. Are you eating enough, too much, or too little?
2. What does your overall food quality look like?
3. Are you routinely following Basic Lifestyle Guidelines (BLG’s)?
Once food quantity, quality, and healthy lifestyle guidelines are in place, then macros can be prescribed. By having specific macros in place, this ensures that the ice-cream every night diet with poor physique doesn’t happen to you because it’s simply not a part of your lifestyle.
-Austin O'Neal
Coach, OPEX North Scottsdale
CCP Level 1
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