Meet Houtaneh (aka Hout)
08 Dec

Meet Houtaneh (aka Hout)

Originally, I came to OPEX because I thought I wanted to be a competitive CrossFit athlete. But after months of not achieving my goals, and many talks with Michael (who is very patient, for the record), I re-evaluated what I actually wanted. Eventually, I realized that what I wanted from fitness was just to have fun and explore what my body can do, while supporting my efforts towards becoming a Naturopathic doctor!

My biggest accomplishment would have to be the major lifestyle changes I made since starting with Michael. With the help of Dr. Drobot, I am happy to say that most nights, I sleep a full 8 hours--and sometimes more! By my estimation, that alone has helped me gain strength and resilience. The state of my hormones goes right along with the lifestyle improvements. Prior to OPEX, I was training entirely too much, and not recovering enough. Michael taught me the importance of balance, and that it's ok to not train every second of every day. In fact, training LESS has improved my gym life and my actual life SO MUCH MORE!

Right now I'm working on finding equilibrium. I've started to feel much more vibrant in the past few months, and the improvement in my physical performance is stunning! I'd like to maintain this trajectory moving forwards, and continue to improve every aspect of my life <3

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