Meet Chai
29 Jan

Meet Chai

I was doing CrossFit for 3.5 years.  Made some gains and developed some skills, but found I was having difficulty with really changing body composition, especially fat reduction.  I hired a what you may probably call a "macros coach" and did see some results from that but found I wasn't feeling all that energized despite eating really well and training hard too.   I felt like I needed someone that could help with both training AND nutrition, and so I sought help from OPEX.  When I did my research on their website, I found they offered much more than that and their caring of digestion and gut health, along of course with just general lifestyle modifications, is what really piqued my interest in seeking services from OPEX.  Individualized Programming and emphasis on long-term health and results are what also attracted me to OPEX. 

Surprisingly, the biggest realization that I have had is that I don't have to train hard for 5 days a week in order to see results.  I used to think I had to work my butt off and stress about what I was eating around the clock in order to see results.  What I didn't understand was how much that stress was actually hindering my results!  I have learned the value of rest and recovery in order to really increase performance in the gym and still be able to do what I love in other parts of my life.


One thing I love about OPEX is how well the coaches guide you in integrating fitness into your life so that one can live a larger life.  Building resilience through fitness is key for me because I use fitness as a means to an end; to achieve what I want in both my professional and personal life.  So right now, I am working on doing just that--building resilience so that I can live a larger life :)

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