Meal Prep Monday: Summer Kale Salad
30 Apr

Meal Prep Monday: Summer Kale Salad

As the temperature rises I am continually searching for ways to avoid using the oven or stove.  This means looking for creative ways to "cook" my veggies.

I love kale.  I loved kale before it was cool to love kale.  But raw kale, is not only very bitter, it's very difficult for many people to digest.  Cooking it, and other veggies, makes it much easier for your body to break down so that you can actually use the nutritional superpowers of kale.  Did you know that most people can't actually break down raw vegetables enough to actually absorb the nutritional value?  

This salad offers a no-heat solution by harnessing the power of acid to "cook" the kale.  Bonus:  This is one salad that will actually improve as it marinates in the dressing!

Find the whole recipe at the link below.

Summer Kale Salad

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