Lifestyle Factors That Are Keeping You From Your Fitness Goals
19 Mar

Lifestyle Factors That Are Keeping You From Your Fitness Goals

Everyone has been there, you start working out you see great results right away and then you feel stuck, you feel like you are not progressing anymore.  What a lot of people do not realize is that if you work out 5 days a week for 2 hours a day that is about 5% of your week, if you are not taking care of yourself the other 95% of the time, getting results is nearly impossible.  Here are some Basic Lifestyle Guidelines we at OPEX have found to be essential to maximizing your time outside of the gym so you keep seeing results.

Water - Water is essential to life, it assists in daily cleansing, proper absorption of nutrients and balancing of energy. Most people do not drink as much water as they may think, if you only drink when you feel thirsty you are most likely already dehydrated. 1/2 of your body weight in ounces is a solid starting for how much water you should be drinking.

Sleep - Circadian rhythm is the truth.  Life has a rhythm, the sun rises and sets every day that is almost guaranteed our body naturally wants to go to bed with the moon and rise with the sun.  Going to bed and getting up the same time each and every day is vital to balancing energy.  The better you can balance energy the better you will feel throughout the day.

Chewing - Food is a 36-44 hour investment in most people.  Chewing is a big part of that if you are only chewing your food enough to not choke then it is going to put more stress on the digestive system and it can not break it down.  If your body can not break your food down then you can not absorb as many nutrients as your body may need.  That is why chewing is so important, digestion starts in the mouth, the more saliva you can incorporate into your food, the easier time your body will have trying to digest it.  A good starting point is to try to chew your food 30 times per bite this will help break your food down at the front end putting less stress on the stomach.

Get a Coach - Now with all that being said, these are still just Basic Lifestyle Guidelines, they are great starting points but do not necessarily guarantee results.  That is where a Coach comes in, we as Opex Coaches look deeper and find the missing pieces that you need in order to take you to that next level whatever it may be, whether it is being able to pick up and play with your grandkids without any pain or compete at the highest level of any sport, we will work with you and find the path to get you there.

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