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  • You are valued for who you are.
  • You are treated as a person, not a number.
  • We are more comprehensive than personal training.
  • You get long-term, sustainable results.
  • Work one on one your Professional Coach.
  • Authentic, inspiring and fun community.


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At OPEX North Scottsdale we take pride in honoring who you are as an individual and what makes you unique both inside and outside of the gym. Whether your goal is to lose weight, be a good role model for your kids, or live long and prosper you deserve a Professional Coach who is as invested in your success as you are.

We believe in a holistic approach to fitness that takes the time to thoroughly get to know who you are, what your typical day looks like, your experience with fitness, and where your physical starting point is.   

OPEX North Scottsdale

What we do

  • Personal Training at OPEX
    Personal Training at OPEX is more comprehensive, holistic and cost-effective than Traditional Personal Training. We inspire individuals to reach their potential and build the lives they love to live. Within a safe, supportive, non-judgemental, growth-oriented environment. We value + respect every individual for who they are and where they want to go without exception.

  • Injury to Performance
    Work 1-on-1 with Mischa to develop a program that allows you to train through injury or limitation while working to regain function. Get the extra hands-on attention and constant evaluation and assessment you need while transitioning back to normal function.

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Whether you are looking for energy to play with your children, want to compete in your chosen sport, or looking for consistency in your fitness program, we are here to guide and support you to reach your goals.

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One of the most important aspects of a client's long term results is that they make tangible progress in areas of their lives that they prioritize. At OPEX North Scottsdale we have the ability to design YOUR path to get there!

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Paul Paris
Paul Paris

I just moved here last January and was looking for a company that had a training philosophy that paralleled my current goals.  In the past I was a "box" junkie and began my journey in fitness throu...

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Tennil Reed
Tennil Reed

I came to OPEX because a good friend of mine couldn’t stop talking about how great it was, and I wanted to train with her because we had been training partners since we both began CrossFit. Once I ...

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Emily Cooper
Emily Cooper

Prior coming to OPEX I was working out on my own and programming for myself. I was a student athlete in college and always loved the strength and conditioning aspect of being an athlete. I loved th...

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Our thoughts on fitness, nutrition and healthy lifestyles

What is a COACH?

What is a COACH?

What is a Coach? If you’ve ever played a sport, chances are you have had some interaction with a coach. According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a coach is “an expert who trains someone learning or i...

OPEX vs. Personal Training

OPEX vs. Personal Training

Why do we say that OPEX Gyms are the evolution of personal training? Traditional personal training is spending the entire workout with one Personal Trainer, one-on-one. Makes sense, right? Let’s sa...



An OPEX North Scottsdale Coach will meet you where you’re at and give you what you need to find your fitness.  Your program evolves and progresses as you do. OPEX North Scottsdale is the evolution of personal training. We take personalization to the next level in an environment that teaches you to take ownership of your fitness.

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